#609 – Omit the Class Name for Static Members in the Same Class

Normally when you reference static members, you use the class name where they are defined to prefix the name of the member.  For example, if we have a static property in the Dog class called Motto and a static method called ListAllDogs, we’d use these static members from another class as follows:

    public class Program
        static void Main()
            // Reference static members in Dog from outside of Dog class
            Console.WriteLine("Dog motto: {0}", Dog.Motto);

However, if we access these static members from code within the Dog class itself, we can omit the class name when referencing the static members.

        // Dog.Bark
        public void Bark()
            Console.WriteLine("{0} says Woof", Name);

            // Reference static members from within Dog class
            Console.WriteLine("Dog motto: {0}", Motto);

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