#727 – Get a List of All Namespaces in an Assembly

While you can’t explicitly get a list of all namespaces within a .NET assembly, you can iterate through all types in the assembly and build up a list of namespaces.

Below is some sample code that organizes all types in an assembly, by namespace.

        static void Main()
            // Build list of all types :
            //   SortedList<namespace-name, SortedList<type-name, Type>>

            SortedList<string, SortedList<string, Type>> myTypeList =


        private static SortedList<string, SortedList<string, Type>> ExtractListOfTypes(Assembly assem)
            SortedList<string, SortedList<string, Type>> theList =
                new SortedList<string, SortedList<string, Type>>();

            foreach (Type t in assem.GetTypes())
                // Add namespace if it's not already in list
                if (!theList.ContainsKey(t.Namespace))
                    theList.Add(t.Namespace, new SortedList<string, Type>());

                // And add type under appropriate namespace
                theList[t.Namespace].Add(t.FullName, t);

            return theList;

        private static void DumpTypeList(SortedList<string, SortedList<string, Type>> theList)
            foreach (KeyValuePair<string,SortedList<string,Type>> kvp in theList)
                Console.WriteLine(string.Format("Namespace: [{0}]", kvp.Key));

                foreach (KeyValuePair<string, Type> kvpInner in kvp.Value)
                    Console.WriteLine(string.Format("  Type: [{0}]", ((Type)kvpInner.Value).FullName));




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