#726 – Listing all Types within a Namespace

You can’t directly list out all types within a namespace.  But you can get all types within a particular assembly and then filter out only the types that match a particular namespace.

        static void Main()
            // Dump all types from in a specified namespace
            DumpTypesForNamespace(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(), "ConsoleApplication1");
            DumpTypesForNamespace(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(), "ConsoleApplication1.Dog");

            int i = 1;

        private static void DumpTypesForNamespace (Assembly assem, string theNamespace)
            Console.WriteLine(string.Format("[{0}]", theNamespace));

            foreach (Type t in assem.GetTypes())
                if (t.Namespace == theNamespace)
                    string dump =
                        string.Format("{0}\n  ({1} in {2})\n", t.FullName, TypeIndicator(t), t.Namespace);


        private static string TypeIndicator(Type t)
            string typeIndicator = "?";

            if ((t.BaseType != null) &&
                (t.BaseType.FullName == "System.MulticastDelegate"))
                typeIndicator = "delegate";

            else if (t.IsClass)
                if (t.IsNested)
                    typeIndicator = "Nested class";
                    typeIndicator = "class";
            else if (t.IsInterface)
                typeIndicator = "interface";

            else if (t.IsValueType)
                typeIndicator = "struct";

            else if (t.IsEnum)
                typeIndicator = "enum";

            return typeIndicator;



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