#958 – Naming Conventions for Identifiers

By convention, readable C# code typically uses some naming convention for identifiers in the code.

Identifiers in your code include:

  • Type names (class, struct, interface, delegate, enum)
  • Class members (methods, properties, constants, fields, events)
  • Local variables

Recommended rules for identifier naming:

  • Limit to alphanumeric (e.g. ‘a’..’z’, ‘A’..’Z’, ‘0’..’9′)
  • Begin identifier with an alphabetic character
  • No abbreviations within identifier
  • Longer identifiers are typically more clear (within reason)

Identifiers should use either PascalCasing or camelCasing:

  • PascalCasing
    • Capitalize first letter of each word
    • Capitalize only first letter of 3+ letter acronyms
    • e.g. MyLogFileWriter
  • camelCasing
    • Capitalize first letter of all but first word
    • First letter of first word is lowercase
    • Capitalize only first letter of 3+ letter acronyms
    • e.g. pathToLogFile


  • PascalCasing for
    • Type Names  (but prefix interfaces with ‘I’)
    • Methods, Properties, Constants, Events, and public Fields
  • camelCasing for
    • Private fields, local variables, and method parameters

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