#148 – Getting the Average of an Array of Custom Objects

If you want to calculate the average (mean) of a collection of objects stored in an array, you can use the IEnumerable.Average method.

The Average method allows passing in an indication of the function that should be used to calculate the numeric value from each object, which will be used in generating the average.  This function takes an object whose type matches the type of the array as an input parameter and returns a numeric value, used in generating the average.  It will be called once for each element of the array.

You could define a static function and pass a delegate to that function.

        static int AgeOf(Person p)
            return p.Age;

        // Example of calling Average on Person[] array
        double avgAge = folks.Average((Func<Person,int>)AgeOf);

Alternatively, you could use a lambda expression, avoiding the need to define a separate function.

            double avgAge = folks.Average(person => person.Age);

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