#155 – Iterating Through an Array Using the foreach Statement

You can write a loop–a block of code that is executed more than once–that executes once for each element in an array, using the C# foreach statement.

The foreach statement declares a variable local to the loop of the same type of the elements in the array.  This variable takes on the value of each element in the array.

            Person[] folks = new Person[4];
        	folks[0] = new Person("Bronte", "Emily");
	        folks[1] = new Person("Bronte", "Charlotte");
	        folks[2] = new Person("Tennyson", "Alfred");
	        folks[3] = new Person("Mailer", "Norman");

            string sLastNameList = "";

            // For each Person in array, dump out name and concatenate last name
            foreach (Person p in folks)
                Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", p.FirstName, p.LastName);
                sLastNameList += p.LastName;