#883 – Re-throwing an Exception

When you catch an exception in an exception handler, you have the option of executing some code and then re-throwing the exception.  When you re-throw an exception from a handler, code that called the current method has the option of also handling the exception.  Alternatively, if no higher-level handler exists, the exception will be treated as an unhandled exception after you re-throw it.

In the example below, DoSomeStuff catches all exceptions, writes information to a log file and then re-throws the exception.

        private const string MyLogFile = "App1.log";

        static void Main(string[] args)
            Console.WriteLine("About to do some stuff");

            catch (Exception xx)


        static void DoSomeStuff()
                Dog d1 = new Dog("Jack", 15);
                Dog d2 = new Dog("Kirby", 150);
            catch (Exception xx)
                StreamWriter sw = new StreamWriter(MyLogFile, true);  // append
                sw.WriteLine(string.Format("Exception at {0}", DateTime.Now));

                throw;  // Re-throw



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6 Responses to #883 – Re-throwing an Exception

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  3. Hattie A. Farrell says:

    Catch blocks that merely rethrow a caught exception wrapped inside a new instance of the same type only add to code size and runtime complexity.

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