#867 – Including Several catch Blocks

You can include several catch blocks in a single try-catch statement, each catch block set up to catch a different kind of exception.

            catch (FileNotFoundException noFileExc)
                Console.WriteLine(string.Format("File Not Found: {0}", noFileExc.FileName));
            catch (ArgumentOutOfRangeException argExc)
                Console.WriteLine("Your arguments were not within valid ranges");
            catch (Exception exc)

If an exception originates within the the scope of the try block and if the exception is not caught at a lower level, it will bubble up to the code containing this try-catch statement.  The type of the exception object will then be compared to the exception types specified in the catch blocks, starting with the first block.  If a matching type is found, the code in that catch block will execute and the exception will not propagate further up the call stack.


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