#671 – A Base Class Constructor Can Call a Virtual Method

If a base class constructor calls a virtual method that is overridden in a derived class, the version of the method in the derived class is the one that will get called.

For example, assume that we have a Dog class that defines a virtual Bark method and a Terrier subclass that overrides the Bark method.

    public class Dog
        public Dog()
            Console.WriteLine("Dog constructor");

        public virtual void Bark()

    public class Terrier : Dog
        public Terrier()
            : base()
            Console.WriteLine("Terrier constructor");

        public override void Bark()
            Console.WriteLine("Terrier barking!");

Assume you create an instance of a Terrier.

            Terrier t = new Terrier();

The Terrier constructor calls the Dog constructor, which invokes the Bark method.  But it’s the Bark method in Terrier that is called, rather than the Bark method in Dog.


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One Response to #671 – A Base Class Constructor Can Call a Virtual Method

  1. Hao Jiang says:

    Calling virtual member function from constructor could be dangerous, though. See the post by Matt Howells in http://stackoverflow.com/questions/119506/virtual-member-call-in-a-constructor

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