#482 – Basic Project Types in Visual Studio

The first step in creating a new application is typically to use the New Project wizard in Visual Studio.  The wizard creates a new solution with one or more projects containing a minimum set of source code files that represent a project of the desired type.

The more common project types that you might create include:

  • A WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) client application

  • A WPF Ribbon application – a WPF client with a Ribbon control

  • A Console application – an application that sends all output to a console window

  • A class library – a DLL that contains .NET types that an application might make use of

  • A WPF Browser application – a WPF app that can be deployable from a browser

  • A Windows service – an application that runs in the background as a Windows service

  • A WPF custom control library – A DLL containing one or more custom controls deriving from Control


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