#384 – The Difference Between Delegates and Events

Delegates are not the same thing as events in C#.


  • A delegate type defines a signature for a method (number and type of parameters and return type)
  • A delegate instance is an instance of a delegate type that can refer to one or more methods
  • Can add/remove handlers using the +=, -= operators
  • Can invoke handlers by calling delegate instance like a method


  • Is a class member representing something that the class might notify calling code about
  • Declared in the class like a field, whose type is a delegate type
  • Wraps a private member variable that is a delegate instance
  • Wraps private methods that add/remove methods to the delegate instance’s invocation list
  • Client code can add/remove handlers using the +=, -= operators
  • Client code can’t invoke directly

Basically, an event is a mechanism that uses a delegate to notify client code of something without exposing the delegate’s invocation list to the client.


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