#116 – Use #region Directive to Create Code Regions

For improved readability, you can use the #region directive to create separate code regions in a C# source code file.  A code region can then be collapsed or expanded in the Visual Studio code editor.

In the example below, we surround a couple of functions with a single region called ThisAndThat.

 static void Main(string[] args)
     uint x = 0x1234;
     x &= 0x0020;

 #region ThisAndThat DoThis() and DoThat() functions that do stuff
 static void DoThis()
     counter += 12;

 static void DoThat()
     counter *= 4;

You’ll notice that in the Visual Studio editor, there is a little minus (-) sign to the left of the #region statement, indicating that this region is collapsible.

If you click on the minus (-) sign on the #region line, the entire region–both functions–collapse and you just see the name and comment associated with the region.


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