#748 – Use GhostDoc Tool to Document Your Code

GhostDog, available at http://submain.com/products/ghostdoc.aspx, is a Visual Studio add-in that helps you to generate XML style documentation of your source code.

After installing, you’ll see GhostDoc commands under the Tools menu.



The free version of GhostDoc allows you to generate one type member at a time.  If the member is inherited from a base type, the XML documentation is copied from the base type.



There is a Pro version, available for $40, which allows you to document an entire type or entire file with a single command.

#745 – Use ReSharper to Increase Your Productivity in Visual Studio

Here’s a handy tool that will help you to be more productive when writing C# code in Visual Studio.  Resharper, or R#, by JetBrain.

Some of the features provided by Resharper include:

  • Quickly navigating to a type, file, or member of a type
  • Navigate to a the definition of a member or the places in code where a member is used
  • Automatic decompilation of third-party code
  • Code inspections and checking
  • Suggestions for code refactoring, includes classes, methods and code segments
  • Alt-Enter to quickly fix coding errors or to refactor code
  • Define custom code patterns to warn about
  • Inspect variables and class members to see where/how they are used
  • Removal of unused assembly references
  • Many more features

Take a look at ReSharper.  A C# license is $149 for an individual developer, or $249 for a commercial license.