#1,104 – Can’t Re-Declare a Variable within a Nested Block

A declaration space is a region of code within which you can’t declare two entities having the same name.  

Defining a class creates a new declaration space, i.e. you can declare variables at the class level.

Defining a method creates a new declaration space, known as a local variable declaration space.  A block of code within that method creates a nested local variable declaration space.

It’s of course an error to declare two variables of the same name within a local variable declaration space.  It’s also an error to re-declare a variable of the same name in a nested local variable declaration space.

        public void MethodA()
            int y = 1;
            string y = "oops";  // ERROR

            int x = 12;

            if (DateTime.Now.DayOfWeek == DayOfWeek.Thursday)
                // ERROR: Can't re-declare x within nested local variable declaration space
                double x = 4.2;