Working on C# Category in QuizUp

For those of you who are QuizUp players (, use the link below to access a custom quiz that I’ve created for C#.

There are very few questions in the quiz at the moment, more coming soon.

I’m looking, however, for volunteers who can verify that they are able to use this link to access the C# category on their mobile device.

Let me know if you’re able to get to the quiz. Thanks!



No Post Today

The 2,000 Things C# blog is taking a break today for the American 4-Jul holiday.  We will return on Monday, 7-Jul.

See You at TechEd

I’ll Be at TechEd North America in Houston next week (12-15 May, 2014).  If you’re a fan of the 2,000 Things blogs and will be in Houston, look me up.  (E.g. DM @spsexton on Twitter).  We can go grab a beer and sing the praises of C#, WPF and all things .NET.

Interview with Dirk Strauss

Dirk Strauss, who has a nice blog at, was kind enough to ask recently if he could interview me about software development and other topics.  You can find Dirk’s questions, along with my answers, in this post.  While you’re there, take a look at Dirk’s excellent series The Daily Six Pack.

Thanks again, Dirk!


No Post Today

2,000 Things / C# is on hiatus today–back tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving (in the United States)!  There will be no C# post today, but we’ll resume regular posts tomorrow.