#1,212 – List of Features Shipping in C# 6.0

Thanks to Steve Hall for pointing out the location of the following information.

You can get the current status of all language features that will be present in the upcoming C# 6.0 release, as part of the Roslyn compiler platform project.  Here’s the link to the page on GitHub containing a current list of features:

Language features in C# 6 and VB 14

For reference, below is the list of planned C# 6.0 language features, as of 1 Apr, 2015.

Features that are “done” (already implemented):

  • Auto-property initializers
  • Getter-only auto-properties
  • Constructor assignment to getter-only auto-properties
  • Parameterless struct constructors (more info)
  • Using static members
  • Dictionary initializer
  • Await in catch/finally
  • Exception filters
  • Expression-bodied members
  • Null propagation
  • String interpolation
  • nameof operator
  • #pragma
  • Extension Add in collection initializers
  • Improved overload resolution