#1,135 – Overloading a Generic Class

generic class is a class that takes one or more type parameters, which it then uses in the definition of the class.  It can be thought of as a template for a class.

    public class Pile<T>

A generic class can have more than one type parameter.

    public class DoublePile<T1, T2>

You can also declare two different generic classes having the same name, differing only in the number of their type parameters.  The two classes will be treated as two completely different classes.

    public class Pile<T>

    public class Pile<T1, T2>

The appropriate class will be used based on the number of arguments provided when the type is constructed.

            Pile<int> someInts = new Pile<int>();
            Pile<string, double> namedDoubles = new Pile<string, double>();

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