#1,115 – Iterating Through a Collection Using the foreach Statement

In the same way that you can iterate through an array using foreach, you can iterate through the elements of a collection one at a time.  You do this by writing a loop–a block of code that is executed more than once, executing once for each element in the collection. This is done using the C# foreach statement.

The foreach statement declares a variable local to the loop of the same type of the elements in the collection.  This variable takes on the value of each element in the collection.

            List<Dog> myDogs = new List<Dog>
                new Dog {Name = "Kirby", Age = 15},
                new Dog {Name = "Jack", Age = 17},
                new Dog {Name = "Ruby", Age = 2}

            // Output using overridden ToString() method
            foreach (Dog d in myDogs)