#1,096 – Floating Point NaN Values

We’ve seen that floating point numbers can represent approximations of real number values, positive and negative zero values, and positive and negative infinity.

A floating point variable or memory location can also represent a value that is “Not a Number”, normally denoted by the keyword NaN.  A NaN value is a floating point value that is a result of a calculation that leads to a value that is not a real number or a positive or negative infinity value.

NaN values are used when it’s useful to capture the fact that a calculation led to a value that is not a valid numerical result.

Below are some examples of calculations that can lead to NaN values.  Note that we can use float.IsNaN to check for this value.

            float zeroOverZero = 0.0f / 0.0f;
            float zeroTimesInfinity = 0.0f * float.PositiveInfinity;
            float InfinityCalc = float.PositiveInfinity + float.NegativeInfinity;

            double rootNegOne = Math.Sqrt(-1.0);



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