#962 – Statements Can Span Multiple Lines

Single statements in C# (as opposed to a block of statements enclosed in curly braces) are typically written on a single line and terminated by a semicolon.

The code fragment below contains two statements, one that initializes an instance of a Dog and one that invokes the Bark method on that instanceEach of the statements is terminated by a semicolon.

Dog d1 = new Dog("Jack", 17);
d1.Bark("Yip", 4);

You can break a statement into as many lines as you like in your source code, as long as you don’t insert a line break in the middle of an identifier. The code fragment below splits the two statements above into several lines.

            Dog d1
                = new Dog(
                    "Jack",    // Name
                    17);       // Age
                "Yip",     // Bark sound
                4);        // # times to bark

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