#843 – Using the Generic Stack Class

A stack is a data structure that allows adding elements to the top of the stack through a Push operation, or removing elements from the top of the stack through a Pop operation.

The .NET Framework includes a Stack<T> type, defined in System.Collections.Generic, that implements a stack data type.

When you declare a stack, you indicate the type of objects that the stack will contain.

            Stack<Book> pileOfBooks = new Stack<Book>();

You can now add instances of Books to the top of the stack using the Push method.

            // Push 1st book onto stack
            pileOfBooks.Push(new Book("The World According to Garp", new Person("Irving", "John")));

            // Push another.  Gatsby on "top" of stack
            pileOfBooks.Push(new Book("The Great Gatsby", new Person("Fitzgerald", "F. Scott")));

You can remove the object from the stop of the stack using the Pop method.

            // Remove book from top
            Book bookToRead = pileOfBooks.Pop();


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