#781 – A struct Can Implement an Interface

Like a class, a struct can implement an interface.  In the example below, the DogCollar struct implements the IStrapDimensions interface, which contains a couple of properties and a method.

    public interface IStrapDimensions
        double Length { get; }
        double Width { get; }

        double CalcArea();

    public struct DogCollar : IStrapDimensions
        private double length;
        public double Length
            get { return length; }

        private double width;
        public double Width
            get { return width; }

        public double CalcArea()
            return Length * Width;

        public DogCollar(double len, double wid)
            length = len;
            width = wid;

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Software developer in the Twin Cities area, passionate about software development and sailing.

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