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#764 – Expanding All Classes in a Class Diagram

By default, when you add types to a class diagram, they are displayed collapsed, showing only the name of the type and the category (e.g. class, interface).


You can expand individual types by clicking on the double downward facing arrow.  You’ll then see all the members of the type.

You can use the “+” key on the numeric keypad to expand the currently selected type.  You can also do the following, to quickly expand all types:

  • Select all typeson the diagram by pressing Ctrl+A
  • Expand all types by pressiong the “+” key on the numeric keypad
  • Right-click on the diagram and select Layout Diagram

Selecting Layout Diagram will reorganize all types so that they are layed out in a nice way.  The only problem is that types that are not connected to other types in the diagram will once again be collapsed.  You’ll need to expand and manually lay out these types.