#761 – Create or Modify Type Members Using the Class Details Window

You can use the Class Details window to easily create or modify a type’s members.

To open the Class Details window, start by opening a class diagram.  If the Class Details window does not appear, right click on one of the types in the class diagram and select Class Details.


Once the Class Details window opens, you’ll see a full list of the type’s members (e.g. methods, properties, fields and events).  The columns of the Class Details window shows some basic information about each member.  You can also expand methods to see parameters of the method.


To add new members, just start typing the name of the new member in the appropriate group.  For example, to add a new property, left-click on <add property> and start typing the name of the property.


You can also add members by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the window.