#650 – Creating an Array of Anonymously-Typed Objects

An anonymous type is a temporary data type that is inferred based on the data that you include in an object initializer.  In addition to creating a single anonymously-typed object with an object initializer, you can also create an array of objects.

            var movies = new[] {
                new { Title = "North By Northwest", Year = 1959, Director = "Alfred Hitchcock" },
                new { Title = "Zelig", Year = 1983, Director = "Woody Allen" },
                new { Title = "King Kong", Year = 2005, Director = "Peter Jackson" }};

With this declaration, you end up with an array of anonymously-typed objects, each of which has the properties Title, Year, and Direction.

Note that this implicitly-typed array must contain elements of the same type, so each element must have the exact  same set of properties.