#623 – Defining One Type Inside Another Type

You can define one type within the scope of  another one.  This is known as nesting.  The inner type can have a different accessibility level than the outer type, so it may or may not be visible from outside the outer type.

For example, we might define a DogCollar class within the Dog class.

We’ve made the DogCollar class private, which means that only code within the Dog class can use the DogCollar class.  Code outside of Dog will not be able to make use of the DogCollar type.

    public class Dog
        public string Name { get; set; }
        private DogCollar myCollar;

        public Dog(string name, int collarLength)
            Name = name;
            myCollar = new DogCollar(collarLength);

        private class DogCollar
            public int Length { get; set; }
            public DogCollar(int len)
                Length = len;

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