#537 – Implement a Generic Interface with a Generic Class

When a class makes use of a generic interface, it can choose to implement the constructed interface, supplying all type parameters for the interface.

public class Farmer : IRememberMostRecent<Joke>

A class can also implement a generic interface, as long as the class itself is generic. Type parameters for the interface are supplied to the class when it is constructed.

    public class Dog<T> : ICanEat<T>

This type parameter (or parameters) can then be used in instance methods that implement the interface.

        // ICanEat.Eat
        public void Eat(T thingToEat)
            // ...

You can also use the type parameter passed to the class in instance methods that are not part of the interface.

        // Not part of the interface
        public void PlayWith(T thingToPlayWith)
            // ...

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