#520 – Choosing Between a struct and a Class

struct and a class both encapsulate data and methods in a new type.  When you are creating a new type, you’ll generally create a new class.  But there are cases when a struct is the better choice.

Create a struct, rather than a class, when all of the following is true:

  • You want value type semantics, that is–a variable of this type directly contains the data and a copy is made whenever you assign the value to a new variable or pass the variable to a method
  • Data stored in the struct won’t be modified after an instance is created or does not change very often
  • You don’t need to inherit from another type (a struct inherits only from System.ValueType)
  • You need to store only a small amount of data in the type

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2 Responses to #520 – Choosing Between a struct and a Class

  1. Pranav Shah says:

    While reading this, I also came across “Parameter Object” refactoring.

    Here is a class example:
    class DateRange {
    DateRange (Date start, Date end) {
    _start = start;
    _end = end;
    Date getStart() {
    return _start;
    Date getEnd() {
    return _end;
    private final Date _start;
    private final Date _end;

    boolean includes (Date arg) {
    return (arg.equals(_start) ||
    arg.equals(_end) ||
    (arg.after(_start) && arg.before(_end)));

    The code and the articles is from: http://sourcemaking.com/refactoring/introduce-parameter-object

    I was wondering could this class be created as a Struct, and if that would be advantageous or not, with some explanation if possible.

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