#517 – Static Classes

A static class is a class that contains only static members and cannot be instantiated.  You declare a class as static using the static keyword.

A static class:

  • Can only have static members (can’t contain instance members)
  • Cannot be instantiated
  • Cannot serve as the type of a variable
  • Cannot serve as a parameter type
  • Cannot inherit from another class
  • Cannot serve as a parent of another class
    public static class DogMethods
        private static int NumBarks = 5;

        public static void BarkALot(Dog d)
            for (int i = 1; i <= NumBarks; i++)

        public static string MarriedName(Dog d1, Dog d2)
            return d1.Name + d2.Name;
            Dog d1 = new Dog("Kirby", 12);
            Dog d2 = new Dog("Lassie", 47);

            Console.WriteLine(DogMethods.MarriedName(d1, d2));


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