#510 – Declaring More than One Local Variable On the Same Line

You typically declare a local variable by specifying its type, the name of the local variable and an optional initial value.

int j;
int i = 42;

You can declare more than one variable on the same line, as long as the variables all have the same type.  Each variable can optionally include an initialization.

int j, i = 42;      // Only i is assigned
string name = "Sean", motto = "Carpe Libri";
Dog d1, d2, d3;
Dog kirby = new Dog("Kirby", 12), jack = new Dog("Jack", 14);
dynamic thing1, thing2;

You can’t, however, declare multiple implicitly-typed variables on the same line.

            var i = 12, s = "Sean";   // Error: Implicitly-typed local variables cannot have multiple declarators