#503 – Conditionally Compile Code Using #if / #endif Directives

Once you define a conditional compilation symbol using the #define directive, you can use the #if directive to conditionally compile code when the corresponding conditional compilation symbol is defined.

In the code sample below, the Dog.Bark method is called, because the DOGSBARK symbol is defined and so the line containing the call to Bark is compiled.

#define DOGSBARK

using System;
using DogLibrary;

namespace ConsoleApplication1
    class Program
        static void Main()
            Dog d1 = new Dog("Kirby", 12);

If we don’t define the DOGSBARK symbol, then the compiler doesn’t compile the line between the #if and #endif directives.  In fact, since the compiler doesn’t even look at these lines in this case, they don’t even have to contain valid C# syntax.