#470 – Defining Your Own Custom Attribute

You can use predefined attributes to attach metadata to type members.

You can also define a custom attribute by creating a new class inheriting from System.Attribute.  The class name must end in “Attribute”.  You typically define a constructor that takes arguments that consist of the metadata that you want to attach to the type member.

    /// <summary>
    /// Attach to a class method to indicate kg of methane that is
    /// output when calling the method.
    /// </summary>
    public class MethaneFootprintAttribute : Attribute
        public double kgMethane;

        public MethaneFootprintAttribute(int kg)
            kgMethane = kg;

You can use the new attribute to attach metadata to individual type members.  You use the name of the new class, without the trailing “Attribute”.

        public void FeedCowInBarn()
            Console.WriteLine("Cow eats slop in dim confines of barn");

        public void LetGrazeOutside()
            Console.WriteLine("Cow enjoys grazing and ends up healthier");

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