#462 – Duplicate Enumerators in an Enumerated Type

When defining a new enumerated type, you can define multiple enumerators that have the same underlying value.  You might do this when you have a finite set of enumerated values and you want to map them to a smaller finite set of internal values.

In the example below, we have six different MovieRatings values, internally.  But we define 10 different enumerators for the type, so some of them end up mapping to the same value.

        public enum MovieRatings
            DidntSeeIt = 0,
            NONE = 0,
            Crappy = 1,
            Horrible = 1,
            Watchable = 2,
            Average = 3,
            Good = 4,
            SeeIt = 4,
            Great = 5,
            MustSee = 5

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