#460 – Converting from a String to an Enum Type

You can convert a string to the corresponding enumerator in an enum type by using the Enum.Parse method.  This is a static method that takes the specific enumerated type and a string value and returns the corresponding enumerated value of the type.

        public enum Mood { Crabby, Happy, Petulant, Elated };

        static void Main()
            string myMood = "elated";
            Mood mood = (Mood)Enum.Parse(typeof(Mood), myMood, true);


The third parameter indicates whether case should be ignored when searching for a value.

Because Enum.Parse returns a value of type object, you need to cast the return value to the desired enumerated type.

If an enumerator in the enum type that matches the specified string value can’t be found, the method will throw an ArgumentException.