#459 – Assigning a Value of a Different Type to an enum

You can convert to an enum value from its underlying type by casting the underlying type (e.g. int) to the enum type.  You can also assign a value of a different type, one that does not match the underlying type, as long as the cast succeeds.

        // By default stored as int, with values 0,1,2,3
        public enum Mood { Crabby, Happy, Petulant, Elated };

        static void Main()
            byte moodValue = 3;
            Mood mood;

            // Works (byte -> int)
            mood = (Mood)moodValue;

            // Also works, since cast converts value to 2 (Petulant)
            double moodValue2 = 2.1;
            mood = (Mood)moodValue2;