#443 – An Interface Cannot Contain Fields

An interface can contain methods, properties, events or indexers.  It cannot contain fields.

    interface IMoo
        // Methods
        void Moo();

        // Field not allowed - compile-time error
        string Name;

Instead of a field, you can use a property.

    interface IMoo
        // Methods
        void Moo();

        // Name as a property is OK
        string Name { get; set; }

Interfaces don’t allow fields because they consist of a contract that is a list of methods, whose implementation is provided by a class. Properties are implemented as methods (get and set accessors), so they fit this model.  But fields are just data locations, so it doesn’t make sense to include them in an interface.

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3 Responses to #443 – An Interface Cannot Contain Fields

  1. Michael Stum says:

    Another thing interfaces don’t allow and that sometimes confuses new developers: You cannot enforce constructors. This makes perfect sense of course, but it sometimes comes a surprise to people who want a guaranteed Initialize method which an Interface simply cannot provide.

  2. Alok says:

    Thank You very much sir.

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