#298 – A struct Can Have Several Constructors

You can define more than one constructor for a struct, as long as the method signature for each constructor is different.

    public struct Point3D
        public double x;
        public double y;
        public double z;

        public Point3D(double xi, double yi, double zi)
            x = xi;
            y = yi;
            z = zi;

        public Point3D(int n)
            x = n;
            y = n;
            z = n;

Now you can instantiate a variable of this type in several different ways.

            Point3D pt1 = new Point3D();    // Default parameterless constructor
            Point3D pt2 = new Point3D(10.0, 20.0, 30.0);
            Point3D pt3 = new Point3D(5);

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3 Responses to #298 – A struct Can Have Several Constructors

  1. Dear Sean!

    I was pleased
    In C # is not possible to define a Konstrukor 😦
    I did not succeed

    Visual Studio 2013

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