#267 – Passing Data Back from a Method Using out Parameters

If you want a method to return a single value, you can return that value as the result of the method.

        public int AgeInHumanYears()
            return Age * 7;

However, there might be times when you want to return more than one data item from a method.  You can do this with out parameters.  Putting the keyword out in front of a parameter tells the compiler that the caller will not pass data in, but the method will pass data out.

        public void GetDogVitals(out string fullName, out int age, out string barkPhrase)
            fullName = string.Format("{0}, {1}", Name, Title);
            age = Age;
            barkPhrase = BarkPhrase;

When you call the method, you also need to use the out keyword on the variables passed into the method.

            string hisFullName;
            int hisAge;
            string hisBark;
            kirby.GetDogVitals(out hisFullName, out hisAge, out hisBark);


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