#239 – The this Reference

In C#, the this keyword refers to the current instance of a class–i.e. the specific instance that an instance method was invoked on.

For example, assume that we have a Dog class and kirby is an instance of this class and that we invoke the Dog.PrintNameAndAge method as follows:


If the this keyword appears in the implementation of the PrintNameAndAge method, it refers to the kirby object.

        public void PrintNameAndAge()
            Console.WriteLine("{0} is {1} yrs old", Name, Age);

            // Assume we have a static TrackDogInfo method in
            //   a DogUtilities class--and that it accepts a
            //   parameter that is a reference to a Dog object.

We passed a reference to the kirby instance to the TrackDogInfo method.  It will therefore have access to all of the instance data in the kirby object, as stored in the object’s fields.