#231 – Declaring and Using Instance Fields in a Class

In a class, an instance field is a kind of class member that is a variable declared in the class and having a particular type.  There is one copy of the field for each instance of the class.  You can read and write the value of the field using a reference to the instance of the class.

Fields are declared in a class as follows:

    public class Dog
        public string Name;
        public int Age;

These fields can then be used as follows:

            Dog buster = new Dog();  // Create new instance of Dog
            buster.Name = "Buster";  // Write to Name field
            buster.Age = 3;          // Write to Age field

            Dog kirby = new Dog();   // Another instance of a Dog
            kirby.Name = "Kirby";
            kirby.Age = 13;

            // Reading properties
            int agesAdded = buster.Age + kirby.Age;