#208 – You Can Make Any Value Type Nullable

The ? character that indicates a nullable type is really a shortcut to the System.Nullable<T> structure, where T is the type being made nullable.  In other words, using int? is equivalent to using System.Nullable<System.Int32>.

You can make any value type nullable using the Nullable<T> syntax.  You’d typically do this for your own custom struct or enum types.

For example, assume that you have the following two custom types.

        // How I'm feeling
        public enum Mood

        // A 3D point with a name
        public struct Point3D
            public float X, Y, Z;
            public string Name;

You can use these types as nullable types using Nullable<T>.

            Nullable<Mood> me = Mood.Crabby;
            me = null;

            Nullable<Point3D> nonPoint = null;

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2 Responses to #208 – You Can Make Any Value Type Nullable

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  2. kai zhou says:

    Good job. Sean.

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