#198 – Enumeration Values That Set Combinations of Flags

When defining a enum type consisting of a set of flags, you normally add values limited to powers of two.  You can also add values that represent combinations of flags.  These can be used as a shortcut for setting several flags using a single value.

Here’s an example where we define several composite values.

        public enum Talents
            Singing = 1,
            Dancing = 2,
            SongAndDance = Singing | Dancing,
            Juggling = 4,
            JokeTelling = 8,
            DoesItAll = SongAndDance | Juggling | JokeTelling

Now we can use these composite values when setting flags.

            Talents fred = Talents.Singing | Talents.Dancing;
            Talents sammy = Talents.SongAndDance;           // Same as Fred
            Talents eddie = Talents.Singing | Talents.Dancing | Talents.Juggling;
            Talents bobHope = Talents.DoesItAll;

The ToString method is also smart enough to list out the composite values, rather than the individual flags.

            Console.WriteLine(fred);       // SongAndDance
            Console.WriteLine(sammy);      // SongAndDance
            Console.WriteLine(eddie);      // SongAndDance, Juggling
            Console.WriteLine(bobHope);    // DoesItAll