#193 – An Enum Type’s ToString Method Displays the Member’s Name

Normally, when you call the ToString method on a variable that stores an integer value, the value of the integer is displayed.

            int x = 42;
            Console.WriteLine(x.ToString());   // Displays: 42
            Console.WriteLine(x);     // Same thing--ToString implicitly called

If you call ToString on an enum type variable, however, the textual name of the enumerated member is displayed.

        public enum Mood {
            Crabby = -5,
            Happy = 5,
            Petulant = -2,
            Elated = 10};

        static void Main()
            Mood myMood = Mood.Crabby;
            Mood dogsMood = Mood.Elated;

            Console.WriteLine(myMood);     // ToString implicitly called; displays: Crabby

            Console.WriteLine(dogsMood);   // Displays: Elated

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