#138 – Searching a Sorted Array

If an array is already sorted and if the type that its elements belong to has implemented IComparable, you can use the BinarySearch method to quickly search for a particular element.

Using our earlier example, with a Person class that implements IComparable (sorts by LastName/FirstName), we can search for a particular Person in a sorted array:

            Person[] folks = new Person[4];
            folks[0] = new Person("Bronte", "Emily");
            folks[1] = new Person("Bronte", "Charlotte");
            folks[2] = new Person("Tennyson", "Alfred");
            folks[3] = new Person("Mailer", "Norman");

            // Sort
            Array.Sort(folks);    // C. Bronte, E. Bronte, Mailer, Tennyson

            // Now search - returns index of 2 (3rd element)
            int normIndex = Array.BinarySearch(folks, new Person("Mailer", "Norman"));
            Person norm = folks[normIndex];     // Get reference to Normal

If you have a property not used for sorting purposes (e.g. Person.Age), you can’t be guaranteed that the object returned as a match actually matches your specified object–for that property.  Only properties used for comparison are guaranteed to match in the object returned.


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