#93 – Escape Sequences in Character Literals

Just as we can include escape sequences in string literals, we can also use escape sequences in character literals to indicate special or non-printable characters.

The list of allowed escape sequences for character literals in C# is the same as for string literals, with the exception of the 8-byte Unicode literal for surrogate pairs:

  • \a  –  Bell (alert)
  • \b  –  Backspace
  • \f  –  Formfeed
  • \n  –  New line
  • \r  –  Carriage return
  • \t  –  Horizontal tab
  • \v  –  Vertical tab
  • \’  –  Single quote
  • \”  –  Double quote
  • \\  –  Backslash
  • (backslash followed by 0) – Null
  • \xhh  –  ASCII character in hex
  • \xhhhh  –  Unicode character in hex
  • \uhhhh – Unicode character  (4-byte)

Here are some examples in code:

 char c4 = '\n';    // Newline
 char c5 = '\r';    // Carriage return
 char c6 = '\t';    // Tab
 char c8 = '\'';    // Single quote
 char c9 = '\"';    // Double quote
 char c10 = '\\';   // Backslash
 char c11 = '\0';   // Null
 char c12 = '\x2E';  // hex
 char c13 = '\xe213';  // hex

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2 Responses to #93 – Escape Sequences in Character Literals

  1. Peter Chamberlin says:

    The character literal for null, , is not appearing on the rendered page.

  2. Gus Gustafson says:

    really poor choice of variable names; the trailing comment should be the variable name; imaging running across “c4” in the code!!!

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